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Stretch Wrapper Maintenance Guide For The New Operator: How To Change The Belt For The Turntable

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A stretch-wrapping machine can save a company a lot of time and effort when securing loads on a pallet. The machine spins the pallet around on a turntable as a mechanized arm administers the stretch wrap. The arm will rise up and down to make sure the entire load is secured from top to bottom. The operator of a stretch wrapper should be able to do simple maintenance procedures like changing the turntable belt to reduce downtime if the belt breaks. If the belt breaks, the turntable will stop spinning around and a pallet can't be wrapped. Here is how a new operator should change the belt for the turntable.

Turn Off Power

Never work on the moving parts of the machine while the electricity is on. The machine could start moving and cause serious injuries to an operator. Switch the machine off or turn off the circuit breaker for it. Make sure you put a "lockout" tag on the circuit breaker or power switch to alert other workers to not turn the switch back on.

Remove Turntable

Remove the bolts at the center of the turntable. There are a number of tapped holes in the top of the turntable. The holes are for the eye hooks you need to for the straps you are going to use to lift the turntable off the machine. Screw the eye hooks into the hole and attach the straps to a forklift. Raise the turntable off the machine with the forklift and set it in a safe place.

Remove Belt

Remove the bolts connecting the belt guard to the frame. Remove the belt guard. You also have to remove the pulley adjustment bolt. The bolt is on the top of the machine and is connected to two brackets. Remove the bolts holding the drive assembly to the frame.

There is a notch on the turn pulley wheel. Place the belt into the notch and then turn the wheel clockwise. The belt will come off as you turn the wheel. Lift up the drive assembly to remove the belt from the drive shaft.

Install New Belt

Lift up the drive assembly and put the new belt around the shaft and then put it around the pulley wheel. Put the belt back into the notch and spin the wheel counterclockwise. The belt will slide back around the pulley wheel. Tighten the bolts on the drive assembly. Put the pulley adjustment bolt back through the two brackets. You should check to make sure you know the tension requirements for the belt and machine you are working on. Tighten the belt by turning the pulley adjustment screw clockwise. Use a force gauge to measure the tension on the belt. Replace the belt guard once the belt has been properly tightened.

Replace the turntable cover and start stretch-wrapping pallets again. Click here to learn more about stretch wrap equipment.