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Common Vineyard Netting Questions Answered

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A vineyard can be both a lucrative investment and a relaxing hobby. However, there are a variety of threats that can cause major damage to your vineyard. In particular, birds can cause major losses to a vineyard because they will eat the grapes far before they ever ripen. Sadly, preventing birds from eating the grapes can be extremely difficult without the right tools. In particular, vineyard nets have proven to be an effective way of keeping your vines safe from this nuisance. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Vineyard Nets?

There are several other options for controlling bird activity around your vines, but these solutions are often ineffective or can have negative side effects. For example, many people may attempt to use chemicals to deter birds from eating the grapes, but these chemicals can impart a bad taste in the grapes. Another option that is commonly used are motion activated alarms. These devices attempt to scare the birds away, and while they may work reasonably well at first, the birds will soon adapt and learn not to fear the alarm. 

In contrast, these nets form a protective barrier, and they make it difficult for birds to perch on the plants. As a result, they will be unable to feed without a stable platform, and this will help keep your plants safe from this potentially devastating nuisance. 

How Do You Maintain These Nets?

Some people may not fully understand what is needed to keep these nets in good condition, and considering that ti can be expensive to buy enough nets for a whole vineyard, it should be no surprise that this is an important thing to learn. Interestingly, the care tips will vary based on how you plan on using the nets. 

For individuals that will use the nets during the entire growing season, there is a preventative maintenance tip that you can follow to extend the life of the net. You should tie the net to the vines to prevent the wind from tugging on the nets and ripping them; this step will help ensure that your nets make it through the entire growing season. 

If you only plan on using the net during the worst time of year for bird activity, you must make sure to store the net away from moisture and direct sunlight. The moisture will cause mold to grow in the fibers, and this will cause them to weaken which makes a tear more likely. Also, the ultraviolet light in the sun's rays can break down the fibers which will also weaken the netting. 

Vineyard nets can be an effective and safe way of keeping your plants safe from ravenous birds. After learning these two answers for commonly asked questions about this product, you may decide that it is the ideal solution to keep your grapes safe. Talk to people like Redden Net & Rope rope ladders for more information.